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Cowboy Movie Night

What is Cowboy Movie Night?

During the cold late Fall and early Spring months (October through April) and on the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm we show a cowboy movie, eat snacks, and have fun.
  • You are all welcome; members and the public alike.
  • There is no cost to partake.
  • Having a cowboy name is optional, but encouraged!
  • It is bring your own beverage, but our Club doesn't allow alcohol on the premises; our Club has a soda vending machine.
  • If you feel like bringing something to share, all the better and we hope you make it.

Mike Hansen AKA Scipio Sam (pictured above) is the head of Cowboy Movie Night; Mike is one of the Club's Directors.

What's Happening in May through September: these are not Cowboy/Western movies?

When Cowboy Movie night ended for the season (CMN runs from October through April), a few of the bunkhouse lurkers stayed behind and will continue to show a movie or two at the Sunny Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation facility on Erie Avenue. We have enjoyed a great reception on the part of Sunny Ridge staff and residents, so we will continue to perform this community service on behalf of the Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club.

Next Movie

June 5th's Movie: Secondhand Lions (2003)

Movie Trailer:

Previous Summer (Non-Cowboy) Movies:

Color Coated by the Decade the Movies Were Released

2024 May through September Movie Season:

June 5th's Movie: Secondhand Lions (2003)

Movie Trailer:

May 1st's Movie: The Russians are Coming (1966)

Let's forget for awhile that we're cowboys facing a busy spring of ranch work. A little levity is in order to take our minds off of the pending roundup, mending fence and airing out the bunk house.

This week's movie is a reminder of the stressful times during the cold war when tensions between the U.S.A. and the Soviet Union were very high. The nation was fearful of a soviet nuclear attack and paranoia was contagious.

We will be showing the 1966 comedy/drama, The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming.

A small New England island town is thrown into a panic when a landing party of Russian sailors come ashore seeking a power boat to assist them get off of a sandbar. A russian submarine has run aground on a sand bar after venturing too close to the U.S.A. The crew and sub would like to sneak off the sandbar without causing an international incident. The town's people think they are being invaded and arm themselves as they search out the Russian invaders.
This delightful production stars Carl Reiner, Eva Marie Saint, Alan Arkin, Brian Kieth, Jonathan Winters and Paul Ford. Run time is 126 minutes. Movie starts at 6 PM in the Sunny Ridge basement theater. Snacks provided. Wipe the mud off of your boots and drop on in.

Scipio Sam

Movie Trailer:

2023-2024 Cowboy Movie Night Season:

April 3rd's Movie: Rio Grande (1950)

Good Day to You All,

I'm hoping all of you buckaroos were able to keep track of your hats this past month. I don't remember a March were there were so many consecutive days with winds steady at 20-30 mph. It was, however, a great month for tumbling tumbleweed races as the thorny buggers blew across the landscape and stuck in the fences.

Hopefully, April will bring a little more decent weather. April will also be the last month for a cowboy movie on Cowboy Movie Night. In May we will be showing movies from other genres.

The movie for Wednesday, April 3rd will the third and final movie of the John Ford Cavalry Trilogy with John Wayne. John Wayne stars in "Rio Grande" along with Maureen O'Hara, Ben Johnson, Chill Wills, Claude Jarman, Harry Carry, Jr., J. Carroll Nash and Victor McLaglen. Wayne is again, a cavalry officer commanding troops against the Apaches who keep raiding and killing then cross back into Mexico. It is a vexing problem but Lt. Col. Yorke (Wayne) has a plan to defeat the Apaches but it could lead to a court marshal. In addition to dealing with the Apaches, Lt. Col. Yorke is in a battle with his wife, complicated by his son being a new recruit in the outfit.

Movie starts at 6 PM and is shown in the Sunny Ridge basement theater. Snacks and beverages are provided by our small but capable posse. Running time for this feature is 105 minutes.

Scipio Sam

Movie Trailer:

March 6th's Movie: She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949)

Good Day to You All,

With the recent spell of spring like weather, I was thinking. The herd usually stays together and huddles in gulches and other sheltered places to get out of the wind. They would also stay together to share body heat. Now they will think it is spring and they will start to roam and scatter in search of new grass, making our spring round up more of a challenge.

Let's not think about that. Let's plan to attend Cowboy Movie Night next Wednesday, March 6. Movie will be "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon." This 1949 classic is the second of the three John Ford "Cavalry Trilogy." It features John Wayne in the starring role as a cavalry troop commander, just days away from retirement, assigned the task of escorting his commander's wife and niece to safety when an Indian war is looming after Custer's defeat. In addition to John Wayne, the movie also features Joanne Dru, John Agar, Ben Johnson, Harry Carry, Jr., Victor McLaglen and Mildred Natwick.

The movie has a lot of appeal. It won an academy award for photographic cinematography. Filmed in Monument Valley, Utah, it has plenty of cavalry action and a syrupy romance story. Running time is 1 hour 44 minutes. Movie will be shown in the Sunny Ridge basement theater at 6 PM. Snacks and beverages provided by our small but capable posse from the Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club. Looking forward to seeing some of the new club members who indicated an interest in Cowboy Movie Night.

Scipio Sam

Movie Trailer:

February 7th's Movie: Fort Apache (1948)

All hands, the ranch foreman just put out a warning to all ranch riders not to be too brave during this warm spell of Chinook weather. Many a cowhand has met his fate by riding off of the ranch on a seemingly nice day, only to parish in a surprise blizzard that usually follows a Chinook.

Also, a reminder that the movie, Fort Apache, will be shown next Wednesday, February 7th at 6 P.M. in the Sunny Ridge basement theater. Fort Apache is the first of John Ford's Cavalry Trilogy and is considered by many to be the best of the three.

The story follows a famous Civil War officer who is newly assigned as commanding officer of Fort Apache. He is somewhat of an egotistical martinet and operates by the book. He soon finds out that things out west are different than in the east and that fighting Apaches is different than fighting confederate soldiers. He immediately clashes with an experienced Captain over tactics and policies. He also is not happy that his 19 year old daughter has gotten into a love relationship with a recent West Point graduate.

Filmed in Monument Valley Utah, the movie has some good action scenes and is unique for a movie made in 1948 as it depicts the Native Americans as victims of the U.S. Government policies.

The movie stars Henry Fonda, John Wayne, Shirley Temple, Pedro Amendariz, Ward Bond, Anna Lee, Irene Rich, George O'Brien and Victor McLagen.

Happy Trails.

Scipio Sam

Movie Trailer:

January 3rd's Movie: Riders of the Purple Sage (1996)

Holy buffalo chips! It's a new year already. I picked up a new calendar in old man Nevil's General Store and posted it on the wall of the bunk house. A close look at the first week of the New Year caught my attention right away. The first Cowboy Movie Night of the new year is on Wednesday the 3rd already. My first New Year's resolution is to attend every Cowboy Movie Night this year

This week's feature is "Riders of the Purple Sage." A 1996 movie starring Ed Harris and Amy Madigan. It is the tale of a single heiress put upon by elders of the local religious order to marry one of them and give up her independent ranching life style. A mysterious gunman searching for the man who caused his sister to commit suicide rides into her ranch and comes to her aid in putting an end to the rustling of her cattle and other depredations.

The movie is based on Zane Grey's best selling novel, Riders of the Purple Sage. The movie was filmed in the Moab area of my home state of Utah and is quite stunning. Movie begins at 6 PM and will be shown in the basement theater of the Sunny Ridge assisted living and rehabilitation facility. Snacks are provided.
Running time is 97 minutes.


Movie Trailer:

December 6th's Movie: Red River (1948)

Greetings to all of our cowboy friends and bunk house lurkers,

The last big job of the summer has been completed by the hard working hands on the ranch. We got the new fencing job completed, thanks to a break in the weather. We don't have to worry too much any longer about strays coming in from the north and mingling with our stock. This makes the spring round up a lot easier.

Now that the work is completed, it's time to brush the mud and corral fecal material off of your boots, put on your cleanest dirty shirt and amble on over to the Sunny Ridge theater to take in a classic western movie.

On Wednesday, December 6th, we will be showing the 1948 western classic, Red River. This movie stars John Wayne and a cast of some of the finest character actors to ever grace the silver screen. The story follows a headstrong and determined
Tom Dunson (John Wayne) who leaves a wagon train and heads south to Texas to start his own cattle ranching business. He is accompanied by his sidekick, Groot (Walter Brennan). Tom and Groot pick up a young orphan named Matt Garth (Montgomery Cliff) who becomes Tom's protege. Prices drop for cattle in Texas so Tom decides to move a herd of over 9,000 head north to Missouri. The movie depicts the grandeur, dangers, and hard work of a cattle drive. Listen carefully, there are some noteworthy quotes in this classic.

The movie stars John Wayne, Montgomery Cliff (in his screen debut), Walter Brennan, Joanne Drew, Harry Carey, Sr.,
Colleen Gray, John Ireland, Noah Beery Jr., Harry Carey, Jr., and Paul Fix.

The movie is produced and directed by Howard Hawks. Run time is 2 hours and 13 minutes. It is interesting to note that this movie was partially the inspiration for the Rawhide TV series. Also, $60,000 of the movie's budget was used to rent a herd of 6000 cattle to be used in the movie.

Looking forward to seeing you at 6 P.M. This coming Wednesday for another western classic.


Movie Trailer:

November 1st's Movie: Maverick (1994)

Cowboy Movie Night this week, Wednesday, November 1st. Show time is 6 PM at the Sunnyridge basement theater. This week's movie will be "Maverick" starring James Garner, Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster. The action follows Bart Maverick, or is it Bret, I can't keep them straight, as he tries to raise money to enter a world poker game. James Garner plays an elderly Maverick, Mel Gibson plays his son and Jodie Foster plays a saloon girl who gets involved and joins the fun. James Cobern plays a riverboat captain who splonsors the poker tournament worth half a million dollars. The movie runs a fast paced 127 minutes.

I'm hoping the activity comes off without a hitch but I feel like I'm Gil Favor leaving the herd in the hands of Rowdy Yates while I go to town. I will be in Florida and unable to attend the movie. But, just as in the series "Rawhide," when Gil Favor is away, some shenanigans may take place but everything works out in the end.

Enjoy the movie and snacks.


Movie Trailer:

October 4th's Movie: The Old Way (2023)

Oops, Looks like I have serialized this communication. Allow me to add the second episode.

"Meanwhile, back at the ranch." This was how the producers of the old serialized westerns would switch scenes. Meanwhile, back at the "cowboy movie night" ranch we switch from the potpourri of movies shown during the summer at Sunny Ridge, back to our western genre themed movies.

We kick the new cowboy night movie season off by showing Nicholas Cage in his first western, The Old Way. The movie is a typical revenge themed movie similar to the Unforgiven. Colton Briggs, a retired gun fighter has settled down to respectable family life. A gang of outlaws assault and kill his wife while he is walking his daughter to school in town. Colton reverts to his old ways in spite of a crusty marshal advising him not to. Colton and his daughter compete with the marshal to see who will catch up with the outlaws first.

Movie features Nicholas Cage, Ryan Kier Armstrong, Clint Howard, Abraham Benrubi, Nich Searcy, Noah Le Gross, Kerry Knuppf, and Shiloh Fernandez.

Movie was directed by Brett Donowho. Running time is 95 minutes.

Movie begins at 6 PM in the Sunny Ridge theater in the basement. Bring your snack of choice and enjoy the first show of the season.


Movie Trailer:

2023 Summer and Early Fall Movie Night Season:

September 6th's Movie: The Rocketeer (1991)

Howdy weary wranglers,

The summer season has about run its course. We have one more movie night at Sunny Ridge before we pick up Cowboy Movie Night again starting in October.

This week's movie showing will be a delightfully entertaining super hero movie set in Los Angeles in 1938. Bill Campbell plays a cocky but talented stunt pilot who finds a prototype jet pack in a biplane. He dons the jet pack and a fancy helmet and transforms into a flying super hero rocketman. The Nazis learn of the jet pack and to use it as a weapon. The Rocketeer's activities also attract the attention of the FBI and Howard Hughs. The Rocketeer keeps busy protecting the jet pack and his girlfriend.

Movie was released in 1991 and runs 108 minutes. The cast includes Billy Campbell, Jenniffer Connelly,, Timothy Dalton, Kathleen Michaels, Alan Arkin and Paul Sorvino.

Movie begins at 6 PM.


Movie Trailer:

August 2nd's Movie: Creed (2015)

Greetings to all of you fans of the old celluloid and silver screen entertainment. You will want to get your ring side seat for this Wednesday's showing of "Creed." Creed is the seventh production coming out of the Sylvester Stallone Rocky Balboa series. This knockout production brings Rocky Balboa out of retirement to mentor and train the son of one of his former opponents, Apollo Creed. Adonis Johnson, son of Apollo Creed, never knew his father. His father died before he was born. Adonis has the boxing gene deeply embeded in his psych and wants to win a title but needs some rough edges smoothed by Rocky Balboa, who has his own issues to deal with.

If you are a fan of the Rocky Balboa boxing sequels , you won't want to miss this one.

The movie stars Michael B. Johnson, Sylvester Stallone, Tesa Thompson, and Phylicia Rashad. It was directed by Ryan Coogler. Running time is 133 minutes.

The feature will be shown in the Sunny Ridge theater. Please note the change in starting time. Our movies now start at 6 PM.


Movie Trailer:

July 5th's Movie: Major League (1989)

This classic comedy follows as the new owner of the Cleveland Indians puts together a purposely horrible team so they'll lose and she can move the team. But when the plot is uncovered, they start winning just to spite her.

A classic underground story that cobbles together has-beens and rookie potential with their own severe faults must band together to prove that the team is greater than the sum of the parts.

The movie packs an all-star lineup of the likes of Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes, Dennis Haysbert, Rene Russo, James Gammon, the Brewers very own Bob Uecker, and many more. One of the best baseball or sports movies ever made. Running time is 107 minutes. Hope to see you there.


Movie Trailer:

June 7th's Movie: Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

Greetings to you all. Cowboy Movie night has ended for the season. Too many of the ranch hands are out on the summer cattle drive. We will begin again in October.

In the meantime, a few of the bunkhouse lurkers have stayed behind and will continue to show a movie or two at the Sunny Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation facility on Erie Avenue. We have enjoyed a great reception on the part of Sunny Ridge staff and residents so we will continue to perform this community service on behalf of the Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club.

We will be showing "Top Gun - Maverick" this Wednesday, June 6rh at 6:30 PM in the theater on the basement level. Snacks will be provided or bring your own.

The movie features Tom Cruise, Mike Teller, Val Kilmer, Glen Powell, Jennifer Connelly, and Monica Barbaro. One of the best aviation films of recent memory. Running time is 130 minutes. Hope to see a few familiar and new faces.


Movie Trailer:

2022-2023 Cowboy Movie Night Season:

May 3rd's Movie: Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

Greetings to all of you fans of the talkie western flicks. I don't know about you but hanging around the bunk house in this crappy weather and reading old magazines and Ned Buntline novels is getting old. We can break up the monotony by attending SRPC Cowboy Movie Night tomorrow, Wednesday, May 3rd. Movie Night will again be held in the Sunny Ridge theater at the Sunnyside Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Erie Avenue. Show time is 6:30 PM. Bring your dinner or a snack of your own but pop corn and other delights will be provided.

The movie this week will be "Cowboys and Aliens." It is a delightful mix of the old west cowboy genre and the modern sci-fi genre. If you were a fan of the Flash Gordon serials and Saturday morning cowboy heroes, you just might enjoy this picture as both are thrown together and intermingled.

The movie stars Daniel Caig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, and Sam Rockwell. It is directed by Jim Favreau (Iron Man). It was released in 2011 and runs 1 hr, 56 minutes.

The story line is about an amnesiac gunslinger with a strange metalic bracelet on his left wrist, who wonders into the town of Absolution which is under the iron fist and thumb of Colonel Dolarhyde. Our anmesiac gunslinger ends up uniting a posse of outlaws, cowboys and Apache braves to fight off strange invaders from beyond earth. It makes for an interesting clash of 1870's technology versus futuristic technology.

I apologize for the late Movie Night Notification but the movie decision didn't get settled until today. We had planned to show a movie about saddles on fire but the town fathers were against it. Our back up movie was on the Overland Stage, which got held up, and didn't arrive in condition to show.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Scipio Sam

Movie Trailer:

April 5th's Movie: The Unforgiven (1960)

To all of you fans of the western movie genre, greetings. This is a reminder that Cowboy Movie Night will be held Wednesday, April 5th at 6:30 PM. The movie will, once again, be shown at the Sunnyside Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Erie Avenue. It has been a wet and slushy spring and I know the spring round-up is getting close but I think we can squeeze one or two more movie nights in before the rounding up of strays and branding of new calves begins. Get your tack together, clean your firearms and when the chuck wagon is loaded we will move out to the open range. But before all that spring cleaning and preparation begins, try to attend this week's movie.

The feature this week will be a 1960 western classic starring Burt Lancaster, Audrey Hepburn, Audie Murphy, John Saxon, Charles Bickford and Lilian Gish. The Unforgiven is a story of three brothers, a mother and an adopted girl. The father died but he had previously rescued the adopted daughter as an infant from an Indian massacre, brought her home and raised her as his own. It turns out that things are not as they seem and stories swirl about the girl being a Comanche sister to a chief and he wants her returned to the tribe. Neighbors turn against the adoptive family and all hell breaks loose. The movie is full of pride, prejudice and passion and runs 125 minutes.

Put on your classiest dirty cowboy shirt and join us. Bring your favorite snacks or dinner if you prefer. The theater is in the basement of Sunny Ridge but a posse member will greet you at the door .

Saddle up for an enjoyable evening shared with the residents of Sunny Ridge and local club cowboys.

Scipio Sam

Movie Trailer:

March 1st's Movie: Monte Walsh (2003)

It's that time of the month. Coming up on Wednesday, the 1st of March, the gang from the SRPC will be rounding up a few stray movie fans and conducting Cowboy Movie Night. We will be showing our monthly cowboy movie, again, this time at the Sunny Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. We normally show the movies at the club but since Grogan got bucked of his bunk and broke his femur, we have been using Sunny Ridge as our venue while Grogan rehabilitates.

The movie will be the 2003, Tom Selleck version of Monte Walsh. The 1970 version, if you recall featured Lee Marvin and Jack Palance. It was a pretty good movie but the newer version, in my opinion, is better directed (Simon Wincer - Lonesome Dove), has better cinematography, better costuming and some additional scenes not presented in the 1970 Version. I feel this is a good selection for the crowd at Sunny Ridge. Running time is 117 minutes.

Movie starts at 6:30 PM.. Bring your own victuals for dinner. Popcorn and beverages will be provided. I see some new members were added to the list of interested parties so I hope to see a new face or two. If you possess some cowboy attire, wear it but you will be admitted without it.

Happy trails to you until we meet again.

Scipio Sam

Movie Trailer:

February 1st's Movie: Open Range (2003)

Greetings to all of you hibernating ranch hands. I know it's frigid outside and ice needs to be broken to water the stock but you have an opportunity to get away from the cozy bunk house stove and your blankets and out to some entertainment on Wednesday evening. Cowboy Movie Night doesn't care about the weather. We will be showing "Open Range" Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM. The showing will be at the the Sunny Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at 3014 Erie Avenue in Sheboygan.

"Open Range" is a 2003 classic western starring Keven Costner, Robert Duvall, Abraham Benrubi, Diego Luna, Annette Benning, and Herber Kohler, Jr. as the Cafe Man. Movie runs 139 minutes. We've seen this one awhile ago but it is popular enough to be requested again.

Put on your Mackinaw and muskrat hat. Bring your dinner or your snacks and get out of the cold and enjoy some warm action and a little romance as well as one of the Top Ten Shootouts in western movie history. We are once again inviting the residents of Sunny Ridge to join us so no cussing or spitting on the floor.

Directed by Kevin Costner.
Running time: 139 minutes

Scipio Sam

Movie Trailer:

January 18th's Movie: Three Amigos (1986)

Greetings all of you bunk house lurkers. Because of various conflicts on the schedule, the club Cowboy Movie Night will be held next Wednesday, January 18th. Same time, 6:30 PM. One difference next week will be the location. We are having Cowboy Movie Night at Sunnyridge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at 3014 Erie Avenue. Augie Margenau is a temporary resident there and this will accomodate his attendance at the function. Enter at the main entrance. A cowboy will be there to direct you to the auditorium for the movie. We can still bring our snacks and food as usual. We have also invited any interested residents of Sunny Ridge to join us. Arrive on time or a little early so you can be let in. Other wise, you will have to suffer the embarrasment of being "buzzed in" by staff.

Wear your cowboy duds. Even a cowboy hat and boots would be nice but not a requirement. They are excited to have us and this will go a ways in projecting our club image.

The movie will be "The Three Amigos" that timeless comedy classic.

I hope to put an eye ball on you next week.

Directed by John Landis.
Running time: 105 minutes

Scipio Sam

Movie Trailer:

December 7th's Movie: Old Henry (2021)

Holiday greetings to all of you Cowboy Movie fans. Our next Cowboy Movie Night will be this coming Wednesday, December 7th. Show time is 6:30 PM at the SRPC club house. Usual format, bring your dinner or snacks and settle back for another great western.

This week's feature is Old Henry. The story is about a widowed farmer and his son. They take in a stranger who has been shot and is in possession of a bag full of money. Shortly, a sheriff and his men visit looking for the man and the money. The farmer isn't sure who to believe, the wounded man or the sheriff. His choice is revealed as the plot develops. I won't spoil it for you.

The movie features Tim Blake Nelson (Ballad of Buster Scrugs), Scott Haze, Gavin Lewis, Trace Adkins, and Stephen Dorff. There is no romance in this one. All male cast, no women Russ.

The movie was released in 2021 and runs 99 minutes. Thank you, Rusty Mike, for bringing this film to my attention. Hope to see a gang of western movie fans in attendance for this one.

Because of the date, I will be staying to watch Tora, Tora, Tora after the featured film.

Directed by Potsy Ponciroli.
Running time: 99 minutes

Scipio Sam

Movie Trailer:

November 16th's Movie: Yellow Sky (1948)

Greetings to all of you fans of the western movie genre. Just a quick shout out to you all inviting you to attend the last SRPC Cowboy Movie Night of the winter.

This week's movie is a 1948 Black and White classic entitled, "Yellow Sky." The feature stars Gregory Peck, Anne Baxter, Richard Widmark and quite a few recognizable character actors.

The story line follows a surly gang led by Gregory Peck. They hold up a bank and escape across a desert. Suffering from severe thirst, they stumble across an abandoned mining town. An old man and his grand daughter are the only two inhabitants left in town. Why are they still living in the town? It seems that the pair stayed behind and continued to mine for gold in the hope of finding a new vein of gold. When the gang realizes that the pair have saved up a small forturne with the possibility of more, gang cohesion begins to crack and the fun begins.

If you get past the film's opening credit stating, "The West 1867" then notice a plethora of 1873 Colt Pecemakers, you will enjoy the movie.

Looking forward to seeing a few cowboys at this final showing. Running time is 1 hour 38 minutes.

Directed by William A. Wellman.
Running time: 98 minutes

Movie begins at 6:30 PM at the clubhouse.


Full Movie:

October 5th's Movie: Buffalo Stampede (1933)

The movie was released in 1933 and stars a young Randolph Scott (with pencil thin mustache), Harry Carey, Noah Beery, Buster Crabbe, Judith Allen (her first movie) and Blanche Friderici.

The story is about two competing buffalo hunting outfits. One is an honest operation and the other, not so much. The movie was originally produced as a silent film in 1925 as "The Thundering Herd." The 1933 remake, with sound, has a different cast but the same story line.

The movie was praised by critics as being one of the best B westerns ever made. The film is also noted as being one of the most historically accurate depictions of the hide hunting outfits of the 1870's.

The story is based on a Zane Grey novel The Thundering Herd . Paramount Pictures made a series of westerns based on other Zane Grey novels in the 1930's. You may recognize some of the scenery that was filmed in the Alabama Mountains in California. The backdrop is familiar to those that remember the Hoppalong Cassidy and other matinee westerns of the day.

Directed by Henry Hathaway.
Running time: 60 minutes

Hope to have you joins us as we enjoy this classic western of yesteryear.

Scipio Sam

Full Movie:

2021-2022 Cowboy Movie Night Season:

March 2nd's Movie: Duel in the Sun (1946)

Greetings cowboy wanna bees and fans of the western movie genre. This is a reminder that Cowboy Movie Night at the Rifle and Pistol Club is Wednesday, March 2nd. Movie begins at 6:30 PM at the club house. Bring a snack or your dinner and enjoy a 1946 classic western produced by David O. Selznick.

This week's movie is "Duel In The Sun." It stars Gregory Peck, Joseph Cotton, Lionel Barrymore, Jennifer Jones, Lillian Gish, Charles Bickford and Walter Huston.

Sultry half breed, Pearl Chavez, is a magnet for tragedy. After the death of her parents in a domestic dispute, Pearl goes to live with her aunt on the large "Spanish Bit" ranch owned by wealthy Senator Jackson McCanles. The two McCanles sons are attracted to Pearl along with one of the ranch hands. The McCanles family is torn apart by Pearl, the home wrecker. Senator McCanles has trouble accepting that the railroad is coming to his territory.

Producer, David O. Selznick had hoped that this western would equal or surpass his previous block buster, "Gone With the Wind." Running time is 2 hrs. 26 minutes.

See you at the show.


Full Movie:

February 2nd's Movie: Appaloosa (2008)

Greetings all of you cowboy movie fans and SRPC lurkers. After a January layoff, we will once again get back on our regular schedule for Cowboy Movie Night. We will be showing the 2008 release of the movie, "Appaloosa," Wednesday night, February 2nd at 6:30 PM at the clubhouse. Same format, wear your hats and boots and bring along a snack or your dinner and relax while watching another good western movie.

This movie stars Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, Renee Zellweger, Jeremy Irons, Arladna Gill and Tom Bower. The movie finds Vergil Cole and his partner, Everet Hitch who are hired guns that travel to lawless towns to try and establish law and order in towns that are desperate enough to hire them. Their methods are unconventional but effective. They are hired by the mining town of Appaloosa to deal with a rancher who is bullying and riding rough shod over the town. Their job becomes complicated when an attractive widow shows up in town and threatens their bond of friendship. Running time is 115 minutes.

Looking forward to seeing you all.



December 8th's Movie: Undead or Alive (2007)

Greetings. Just a reminder that Cowboy Movie Night is this coming Wednesday, December 8th. Meet at the clubhouse at 6:30 PM. Bring some victuals or snacks for yourself and maybe to share. This month's movie is another spoof, ala Rustler's Rhapsody. The title of the movie this week is Undead or Alive. It spoofs the walking dead/zombie genre using the old west as a backdrop. This entertaining 2007 movie stars James Denton, Chris Kattan, and Ravi Rawat. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Scipio Sam AKA Mike


November 3rd's Movie: Wagon Master (1950)

Dear fellow cowboy movie fans,

Just a quick reminder about the Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club's Cowboy movie night. Wednesday, November 3rd is the first Wednesday of the month and time again for a western classic. This month's movie is a John Ford classic, Wagon Master. This 1950 classic, filmed in classic John Ford style in Monument Valley, stars Ward Bond, Ben Johnson and Harry Carry, Jr.

It tells the story of Elder Wiggs (Ward Bond) looking for a wagon master to guide a group of outcast Mormons to San Juan Valley. A couple of horse traders played by Ben Johnson and Harry Carry, Jr. fill the bill.

The story depicts numerous setbacks along the way, especially when the Clegg family of outlaws takes refuge in the wagon train. You may remember Ward Bond as the wagon master in the T.V. series, Wagon Train. This movie was the inspiration for the T.V. series.

Running time is 86 minutes

I hope to see you all turn out. Bring your snack and come and enjoy an old classic.

Scipio Sam AKA Mike


October 6th's Movie: There Was a Crooked Man (1970)

Just a quick reminder that since the "Golf Rodeo" is finished next door, it is time to resume some of our normal activities. This would include Cowboy Movie Night. Cowboy Movie Night is held each month on the first Wednesday. Our first Cowboy Movie Night will be held Wednesday, October 6 at 6:30 PM at the club house.

Our first movie this year will be "There Was a Crooked Man" starring Kirk Douglas, Henry Fonda, Burgess Meredith and Warren Oats. The story deals with a charming but ruthless criminal who is sent to prison for a holdup. He gets his fellow prisoners to assist in an escape plan with a promise to share the loot.

This movie was released in June 1970 and probably couldn't be shown today because of its lack of political correctness and wokeness. It runs 2 hours and 6 minutes.

It will be nice to see some of the old compadres and hopefully, some new western movie fans.

Scipio Sam AKA Mike


2020-2021 Cowboy Movie Night Season:

April 7th's Movie: Rustler's Rhapsody (1985)

Greetings to all of you fans of the western movie and dime novel genre. I see that the snow has given way to more sunshine and warming temperatures. Crocus plants are peeking out from under the dry horse and cow manure around the corals and outbuildings. That signals the beginning of spring. I hope all hands are healthy and robust and able to prepare for the spring round ups and fence mending chores that come with spring. But before we saddle up and head out for the open range, let's all plan on attending the SR&PC's final Cowboy Movie Night of the year.

The club's final showing of the year will be Wednesday evening, April 7th at the club house. Shows will begin at 6:30 PM. I said, "shows" because this last get together will feature two movies or, as they say, a double feature.

The first movie will be "Code of the West," a 1947 black and white oater based on a Zane Grey novel of the same name. The plot is familiar. Boyd Carter, saloon owner. knows the railroad is coming and is after land owned by the surrounding ranchers. He intends to get the land either by buying it or intimidating the ranchers with violence. Hero, Bob Wade and sidekick, Chito, return just in time to save new banker, Harry Stockton, and his daughter, Ruth, from Carter's henchmen. Bob Wade's ranch is also targeted by Carter's henchmen as he works to expose the corrupt sheriff and Boyd. Raymond Burr, who at the time was just breaking into acting, is barely a footnote in the credits. He exhibits his early talents as Boyd Carter, bad guy.

Movie stars, James Warren, Debra Allen, John Lawrence, Steve Brodie, Rita Lynn and Raymond Burr. Run time is 57 minutes.

The second feature will be "Rustler's Rhapsody." This 1985 release runs 88 minutes. It was written and directed by Hugh Williams. Stars in the movie are Tom Berringer, G.W. Baily, Marilue Henner, Andy Griffith, and Fernando Rey.

The plot follows singing cowboy, Rex O'Herlihan, as he makes a transition from a black and white horse opera into a modern technicolor spoof of the Saturday morning cowboy hero who always shoots the gun out of the bad guy's hand. This delightful romp through Saturday morning cowboy cliches should entertain most fans of the Saturday morning westerns or cowboy matinees of the early l950's.

Please plan to join us Wednesday evening.

Scipio Sam AKA Mike


March 3rd's Movie: The Kid (2019)

Greetings to all of you fans of the western film genre. The club will be holding its next to last Cowboy Movie Night of the season. If you have not attended one of the club showings, you are running out of time. The April showing will be the last showing of the season until next fall.

This week's story line follows young Rio Carter and his sister Sara on the run from their uncle after the young boy, Rio, shoots and kills his abusive father as the father is beating the mother to death. The uncle catches up to Rio and Sara and snatches Sara and forces her into prostitution. Young Rio is searching for his sister when he crosses paths with Billy the Kid and Pat Garret. The rest is history: sort of.

I hope to see more of you attending this get together for western movie genre entertainment with like minded fans of "cowboy" movies. Bring a snack or your whole dinner and join us Wednesday evening, March 3rd, at 6:30 PM.

M. Hansen


February 3rd's Movie: In a Valley of Violence (2016)

Just a reminder about Cowboy Movie Night at Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club. Tomorrow, February 3rd. A great opportunity for fans of the Cowboy/Western genre. Again, the featured film will be In a Valley of Violence starring Ethan Hawke, John Travolta, Taissa Farmiga, and James Ransone.

Running time is 104 minutes.

For those who expressed an interest in Cowboy Movie Night on your membership renewal, this is a great opportunity to meet like minded folks interested in cowboy movies. Bring a snack to enjoy and join us tomorrow at the club house, 6:30 PM. Enjoy the big screen and stereo sound.

Scipio Sam AKA Mike


November 4th's Movie: Chato's Land (1972)


October 7th's Movie: Johnny Guitar (1954)

Greetings to all of you desperados. You may not be a desperado but you look like one when you are all masked up against the COVID-19 pandemic that has been creeping across the range and playing havoc with many businesses in town; not so much on the ranches. Now that we have most of the work done around the place such as plugging the cracks in the bunk house with aokum against the winter winds and laying in a supply of fire wood against the coming winter cold, it's time to think of entertainment activities and ways to pass the time as we wait for and dream of the spring round up.

In spite of all the edicts by government, steps of mitigation for the Chinese Cooties, and business closures, the Sheboygan Rifle Pistol Club Movie house will be open for business the first Wednesday of every month now until April. Cowboy movies fill the play bill. Bring snacks, your cowboy bandana (in lieu of the commercial masks if you choose) and the other hands from the area.

The first show this year will be the 1954 classic, "Johnny Guitar." Directed by Nicholas Ray. In starring roles are Joan Crawford, Sterling Hayden, Mercedes McCambridge, Scott Brady, Ward Bond, Ron Cooper, Ernest Borgnine, and John Carradine. Crawford plays a strong and independent women who runs a saloon at the edge of town. She is battling towns people who want her gone, especially, Emma (Mercedes McCambridge) the town's sexually repressed and lynch happy wench. This was a ground breaking film in 1954 as it deals with role reversal and women who are, at times, stronger than the men.

Scipio Sam AKA Mike


2019-2020 Cowboy Movie Night Season:

March 4th's Movie: Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957)

Greetings fellow cowpunchers and rounders. Can you believe the weather lately? The Farmer's Almanac says nothing about climate change but I like the warming. Turkeys and deer are beginning to show themselves around the ranch and it should be a mild spring which bodes well for the upcoming round up. A few of the boys have been out back limbering up the six guns and Winchesters. I spent the beautiful day gathering up all of the tumbleweeds that have blown up against the west side of the out buildings and in the fences. The next talkie showing in town this Wednesday will be "Shootout at the OK Corral." Great opportunity to relieve a case of cabin fever. Grab some grub and plan to attend. Wednesday's showing begins at 6:30 PM.

This 1957 classic starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Rhonda Flemming, Jo Van Fleet and John Ireland depicts the running feud between Doc Holiday, the Earp brothers and the Clanton-McLaury gang in Tombstone, Arizona. The feud reaches a climax at the end of Fremont Street at the OK Corral. The result is the legendary shootout on October 26, 1881. All hell breaks loose at 3:00 PM and only lasts 30 seconds, but of course, the movie makers draw it out a little longer. Tom and Frank McLaury are killed, along with Billy Clanton. Virgil Earp, Morgan Earp and Doc Holiday are wounded. Ike Clanton and Billy Clairborne run for the hills. Nominated for two Academy Awards, this film plays loose with history but is still considered one of the best westerns ever made.

Directed by John Sturgis.
Running time: 122 minutes

Grab a snack and a cowboy hat and join me and few of the boys at 6:30 PM Wednesday evening this week. Cowgirls and kids always welcome.

Scipio Sam AKA Mike


February 5th's Movie: Lawman (1971)

Life around the ranch has been a little messy; what with all the melting ice and snow turning the area around the ranch a quagmire interspersed with islands of ice and melting snow. The farm wagons are leaving huge ruts in what passes for a road and common area around the corals and bunk house. Keeping the mud from boots off the bunk house floor is a big problem. The one saving grace of the mild weather is that we don't have to venture out to bust the ice off of the water troughs. A few of the hands are planning to ride into town and catch this week's talkie, Lawman, playing Wednesday evening at the SRPC movie house. This week's feature is a classic Burt Lancaster film released in 1971.

Burt Lancaster plays the part of a hard nosed, by the book lawman who sees the world as black or white and does not compromise his principles. A group of drunken cowboys shoot up a town but accidentally shoot a bystander. Marshal Jared Maddox sees it as his duty bound mission to return the cowboys to face a judge. Marshal Maddox tracks the cowboys back to their town and makes it known that he plans to take them back for trial or kill them where they stand. Wealthy ranch owner, Vincent Bronson, can't talk his cowboys into going back to stand trial so offers Marshal Maddox a deal. The no nonsense lawman refuses and the lead flies.

"Lawman" is a 1971 classic written by Gerald Wilson and is directed by Michael Winner. The movie stars Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, Lee J. Cobb, Robert Duvall and Sheree North. Running time is 99 minutes.

Grab a snack and a cowboy hat and join me and few of the boys at 6:30 PM Wednesday evening this week. Cowgirls and kids always welcome.

Scipio Sam


January 8th's Movie: Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (1973)

Greetings all you bored drovers and wranglers. I was just sitting around the bunk house wondering what I could do outside in this mild January weather. I got the idea of hitting up cookie, over at the cook shack, for some number 10 bean cans and going out to the gully behind the barn and burning some powder in the old colt plow handle with a few of my bunkies. The noise attracted the foreman and he came around wanting to know what all the noise was about. When he saw we were just lolly gagging around, he decided to put us to work. "Saddle up your semi-retired cow ponies and get out and scout the fence lines for any breaks in the wire." After riding fence all day we ate chow and retired to the bunk house dead tired. I happened to pick up a dime novel from the stack of old reading material and hit upon a story about Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett. Then I got to wondering what would be playing at the Rifle and Pistil Club Cowboy Movie Night. Lo and behold, this week's feature is going to be "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid."

"Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" a movie written by Randy Wurlitzer and directed by Sam Peckinpah will be playing. The movie was released in 1973 and runs 155 minutes. The story is about two well known characters of western lore who were not only acquaintances but friends at one time. Pat Garret is made sheriff and hired by the New Mexico Governor and some cattle barons to bring Billy to justice. Pat warns Billy to head to Mexico but Billy ignores the advice and Pat is forced to track him down. History is made at Fort Sumner, New Mexico when Pat catches up to Billy. Pat Garrett, himself, is shot under mysterious circumstances many years later.

The movie is classic Sam Peckinpah with plenty of shoot outs and spurting blood. The cast is classic western starring James Coburn, Kris Kristopherson, Richard Jaeckol, Bob Dylan and a host of familiar character actors such as, Chill Wills, Jack Elam, Jason Robards, Rita Coolidge, Slim Pickens, Barry Sullivan, and Katy Jurado. The sound track was written and performed by Bob Dylan.

Bring something to chew on (no spitting on the floor) and enjoy this classic, Wednesday, January 8th, 6:30 PM.

Scipio Sam


December 4th's Movie: Purgatory (1999)

Greeting fellow Caballeros. This weekend finds me hold up in the town of Knox Crossing waiting for suitable transportation back to the ranch. I ventured north for a quiet week of game hunting but 20 inches of snow put the kibosh on any real hope of success. I really need to get back to the spread in Sheboygan and the old bunkhouse. Another reason to get back is for Cowboy Movie Night. The next Cowboy Movie Night is scheduled for December 4th at 6:30 PM, same old movie house.

This week's feature film "Purgatory," is entertaining and has all of the usual characteristics of a western movie. That is, horses, guns, shootouts, good guys, bad guys, an Indian, gals and, yes, a little romance. If you are a fan of the western movie genre and the old "Twilight Zone" series then you will like this film. Some familiar names grace the screen in the form of Wild Bill Hickok, Billy the Kid, Doc Holiday, and Jesse James. Also, a plot tickler; Purgatory is the place where souls are believed to be kept until Judgement Day when they will be judged and either thrown into the fires of hell or taken by angels to heaven.

The movie stars Sam Shepard, Eric Roberts, Randy Quaid, Donnie Wahlberg, Brad Rowe, Amelia Heinle and Shannon Kenny.
Directed by Uli Edel
Written by Gordon Dawson
Released in 1999
Running Time - 94 minutes

Now, if the Overland can make it through the snow clogged passes, I should see you all Wednesday.

Scipio Sam


November 6th's Movie: The Train Robbers (1973)

To all my bunkies and fellow cowboys and cowgirls, I am currently off the ranch anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Overland Stage next Tuesday. I will hop the stage and hopefully be back in time for Cowboy Movie Night. While I am enjoying the warm sun here in Florida I hope you can get your chores done, lay in a supply of firewood for the bunk house stove and clear a path through the snow to the Rifle Pistol Club on Wednesday, November 6th.

A 1973 John Wayne talkie will be showing at 6:30 PM. The film is entitled, "The Train Robbers" and stars John Wayne, Ann-Margret, Ben Johnson, Rod Taylor and Ricardo Montalban. Written and directed by Burt Kennedy the story line is about a widow whose husband robbed half a million dollars in gold from a train and buried it somewhere in the desert. The widow hires Wayne and his little band to help her recover the gold so she can return it to the railroad and clear her name. Wayne and his band are working for the $50,000 reward. Another bunch of outlaws also want to find the gold so they trail and dog Wayne and his group.

Running time is 92 minutes.

Scipio Sam


October 2nd's Movie: The Missouri Breaks

As I sit here removing my boots and spurs, it dawned on me that the cowboy summer is almost over. It's difficult to notice the change in season when the cacti and sage brush don't change color or lose leaves to indicate the fall. We took a break from Cowboy Movie Night beginning in spring when we all had to fall out for the round up of winter strays, the summer of grazing and fattening up the cattle and the late summer cattle drive to market. Now it's time to turn our attention to late fall and winter activities.

You don't have to spend those long, cold winter nights sitting in the bunk house making hand shadows in front of a lantern on a sheet hung on the bunk house wall. No sir! You can amble or mosey out to your local gun club on the first Wednesday evening of every month and take in one of them there talking motion pictures.

This Wednesday, October 2nd will be our first showing of the season. This month's feature film is
"The Missouri Breaks." Staring in this 1976 feature film directed by Arthur Penn (Little Big Man, Bonnie and Clyde, Night Moves) is Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Randy Quaid, Kathleen Lloyd, and John Mcliam.

The story line follows Jack Nicholson as a leader of a gang of horse thieves who purchase a farm next to their next target, a wealthy landowner. The land owner hires a gunman or "regulator" played by Marlon Brando, to get rid of the rustlers. This is the first and last movie that Nicholson and Brando made together. Brando is just coming off of making "The Godfather" and Nicholson from making "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Rated 3 1/2 stars on Rotten Tomatoes. Running time 2 hrs, 6 min.

Grab a snack and a side kick and join us at 6:30 PM Wednesday evening at the SRPC Club House,

Scipio Sam


2018-2019 Cowboy Movie Night Season:

April 3rd's Movie: The Man from Laramie (1955)

Happy trails to all of you tumbling tumble weeds,

Now that the weather is improving somewhat, we turn our attention to outdoor activities as we ready ourselves and our kits for the spring roundup. We are busy greasing the wheels on the chuck wagon, shoeing our cow ponies and getting some trigger time with our peacemakers and Winchesters. In light of the busy spring approaching we will try to squeeze in one last Cowboy Movie Night into our ranch schedule.

Our last movie of the year is a James Stewart classic, "The Man from Laramie." This is the last film that Anthony Mann directed with James Stewart. In their day, Mann and Stewart were as popular as John Ford and John Wayne. Mann directed Stewart in 10 movies; such notables as The Glenn Miller Story, Strategic Air Command, Thunder Bay, Winchester 73 and four other westerns.

This movie follows a former army scout out for revenge as he tracks the individual responsible for supplying rifles to the Apaches who use the rifles to massacre an army cavalry patrol that included the scout's younger brother.

Released in 1955.
Run time is 104 minutes.

Join us Wednesday, April 3rd for some cowboy fellowship and snacks,

Scipio Sam

March 6th's Movie: Slow West (2015)

Greetings fellow hands and riders of the purple sage,

I don't know about you but I am getting tired of being cooped up in the bunk house playing checkers and working on leather crafts.  The only time I get out is to shovel a path to the "little house" or a path to the barn and stable or to the cook shack or to break up the ice on the water troughs with an ax. I'm definitely looking forward to the spring round up when the warm Chinooks blow out of the northwest and the times I can sleep under the stars on top of my blankets instead of under them.

In the mean time, drag your cowboy posteriors out of the stale air of the bunk house and get out to the Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club for Cowboy Movie Night.  Wednesday, 6:30 PM. Bring your idea of a snack and enjoy the company of like minded folks who enjoy the western genre of film.

This week's feature will be Slow West.  This film is Scottish Director John Maclean's debut as a director.  John Maclean also wrote the story.  The film features Michael Fassbender, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Caren Pistorius and Rory McCann in starring roles.  The film is another example of foreign film makers delving into the American Western genre.  The movie is filmed in New Zealand and Scottland but set in the west, specifically, Colorado.  The movie opened at Sundance in 2015, is rated 4 stars in Rotten Tomatoes, 3 1/2 stars on Netflix.  Running time is 84 minutes.

Jay Cavendish travels to America in search of his love interest, Rose. Rose and her father have run to America after an accident that killed Jay's uncle.  Sixteen year old Jay is a "rabbit among wolves."  Jay meets up with Silas Selleck, a bounty hunter, and Jay hires him to guide him and act as a body guard as he continues to search for his dear Rose, Competition for locating Rose, however, leads to some high adventure and entertaining encounters.

Rated "R" violence and brief language
Running time = 84 minutes
Released June 2015

Please join us, Scipio Sam

February 6th's Movie:  Salvation (2015)

Greetings companeros,
It's once again time to bank the fire in the bunkhouse stove, damp it down for the night, grab you mackinaw and head to the Rifle Pistol Cub for some old fashioned "talkie" entertainment.

We will be watching "The Salvation," starring Mads Mikkelsen, Ava Green, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Eric Cantona.  The movie is a Danish film directed by Kristian Levering and filmed in South Africa.  The movie released in 2015 features American like western vistas and sets built from the ground up;  no false fronts.  Real buildings were used.

The production follows a basic revenge/avenge template. Set in the 1870's a Danish Army veteran and his brother immigrate to the American west and establish themselves. Jon Jensen brings his wife and son over and they are murdered. Jon, while avenging the death of his family, unleashes the wrath of a notorious gang leader. After being betrayed by his own townspeople, Jon must hunt down the outlaws alone.

Rated "R" for bloody violence
Running time = 100 minutes
Released August 2015

Rated at #46 on Rotten Tomatos list of best 100 westerns of all time.

Bring a little grub to chew on and remember, "No spitting on the floor."

Scipio Sam

January 2nd's Movie: Ballad of Buster Scrubbs (2018)

Greetings again Buckaroos and Buckarettes,

It's time to take a break from winter ranch chores (sorting horseshoes, repairing saddles and chaps, cleaning branding irons and splicing lariats) and relax for another evening of Cowboy Movies. The next showing will hopefully be "The Ballad of Buster Scrugs."

"The Ballad of Buster Scrugs" is another classic film work from the Coen brothers. You may remember the Coen brothers for some of their previous award winning work such as True Grit, Fargo, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, No Country for Old Men and the Big Lebowski, to name a few.

This 2018 production breaks with tradition and is an independent film that is not held to any restrictions that may be imposed by a studio. The Coens directed this film produced for NETFLIX.

The format of "Buster Scrugs" is presented as an anthology of six separate and distinct stories from an old dime western. The six stories are not tied together in any way. They stand alone. This may be difficult for some viewers to deal with. All six stories provide entertainment in their own way.

The script is lively and engaging. The cinematography is outstanding and the casting is perfect.
The cast includes Tim Blake Nelson, James Franco, Zoe Kazan, Tom Waits, Liam Neeson and Jonjo O'Neal.

Since this is a NETFLIX movie we will have to stream it through the internet. If the Hekawi tribe, led by Wild Eagle, haven't disrupted our connection we should be in for an entertaining evening.

Created by NetFlix
Running time = 133 minutes
Released November 2018

Scipio Sam

December 5th's Movie:  Johnson County War (2002)

Fellow Shootists, bartenders, and storekeeps,

Just a quick reminder concerning Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club Cowboy Movie Night, Wednesday, December 5th, 6:30 PM at the clubhouse. The feature movie will be "Johnson County War" starring Tom Beringer, Luke Perry, Rachel Ward and Burt Reynolds.  Release date was in 2001 and running time is 178 minutes.

The movie is based on the Range War that occurred in Johnson County, Wyoming between 1889 and 1893 with the hottest action in 1892. The event was termed by Wyoming historian T.A. Larsen "the most notorious event in Wyoming history." Basically, wealthy cattlemen and members of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association resented the small ranchers and homesteaders who were beginning to occupy "free range" under the Homestead Act. Members of the Stock Growers Association ignored the rights under the Homestead Act and acted on their own to put a stop to encroachment by the "peasants." The wealthy cattlemen tried to scare the small ranchers out of the territory through use of violent intimidation. They went so far as to develop a list of 70 ranchers and farmers targeted for assassination. The Association brought in hired guns to do their dirty work.

Most of the situations in the movie are based on actual occurrences. However, the names of people and places are not, in all cases, historically accurate. The town of Antelope in the movie would have been Buffalo, Wyoming. Sheriff Frank Canton, played by Burt Reynolds, was the actual leader of some of the assassination squads who shot and hung the homesteaders. He was, in fact, in the employ of the Stock Growers Association.

The shooting war was finally quelled by federal troops from Fort McKinney sent by President Harrison. Many years of trials, acquittals and political intrigue followed well into the 20th Century.

Created by Hallmark Entertainment
Running time = 178 minutes
Released August 2002

Scipio Sam

November 7th's Movie:  Open Range (2003)

Cowboy Movie Night!  The first Wednesday of every month at 18:30 we show a cowboy movie, eat snacks and have fun. 
  • You are all welcome; there is no cost.
  • Having a cowboy name is optional but encouraged!
  • If you feel like bringing something to share all the better and we hope you make it.
Our first flick in November was the Herb Kohler western “Open Range” with some Costner and Duval guys, and it was great! “Scipio Sam” (Mike Hansen) has our next movie lined up already for December and we hope you can join us “The Analog Kid” (Russ Marganau).

Boss Spearman (Robert Duvall), Charley Waite (Kevin Costner), Mose Harrison, and Button free-graze their cattle across the vast prairies of the West, sharing a friendship forged by a steadfast code of honor and living a life unencumbered by civilization. When their wayward herd forces them near the small town of Harmonville, the cowboys encounter a corrupt sheriff and kingpin rancher who govern the territory through fear, tyranny and violence. Boss and Charley find themselves inextricably drawn towards an inevitable showdown, as they are forced to defend the freedom and values of a lifestyle that is all too quickly vanishing. Amidst the turmoil, life suddenly takes an unexpected turn for the loner Charley when he meets the beautiful and warm spirited Sue Barlow, a woman who embraces both his heart and his soul.
---Written by Sujit R. Varma

Rated "R" for violence
Running time = 139 minutes
Released August 2015

It was nominated for Golden Schmoes 2003 award for the "Best Line of the Year: "Men are going to get killed here today and I'm going to kill them."

It was the 2004 winner of the Western Heritage Award's "Bronze Wrangler" for Best Theatrical Motion Picture.